Advocating Your Wrongful Termination Claim

The labor sector plays a vital role in our country’s economic stability and sustainable progress.

This is how every citizen should think of it. It is therefore fundamental that both the government and the business entrepreneurs alike must provide a sturdy and effective plan and rules to safeguard their rights against illegal employment termination practices.

These past years, the labor sector is facing serious hurdles that caused them to feel insecure of their jobs. A number of company policies and even law provisions are designed to favor business owners – giving them the authority to terminate their employees anytime and for any reason.

This problem is even more severed by the workers’ lack of sufficient knowledge about their rights provided for under the existing Labor Laws.

In legal terms, unfair termination does not necessarily point out a “wrongful” employment practice. Many considerations should first be look upon in these instances before a “wrongfully terminated employee” may push through with his case in court.

Thus, it is important that the employees have at least reviewed the Federal and State Labor Law provisions to better understand their rights as employees.

Most of the states in the U.S. implement “At Will Employment” policy. This means that an employee is given a free will to vacate his job anytime, for any cause. Yet, the employers may also terminate him for no reason at all.

Furthermore, any worker who has been employed in a company not over than five years and who has not yet signed a contract can be categorized under the said policy as the California Laws provide.

Any wrongfully treated employee is entitled by the law to file a lawsuit and demand suitable damages. Even though it is the privilege of an employer to fire his workers without cause in an “at will employment” policy, the employees also have their rights to demand remedies if their employers abused this privilege in any way. Absolute freedom is forbidden under this employment principle.

A wrongfully terminated employee may acquire these remedies and reimbursements if ever he would win his case with the help of his credible legal advocate:

  • Lost wages
  • Unclaimed benefits
  • Payment for emotional distress
  • Punitive damages
  • Job reinstatement
  • Promotion
  • Attorney’s fees

Wrongful termination statutes, therefore, have so many intricate provisions that necessitate an unfairly terminated worker to seek the aid of a professional legal defender. It will definitely helpful for him to be guided accordingly by a competent wrongful termination claim lawyer so that he may have a stronger case against his unruly employer.

An experienced wrongful termination claim lawyer with a notable background in handling employees’ cases can definitely bring a legal hurdle into a justified solution. Whether bringing a lawsuit directly to the court or engage into an out of court settlement, a qualified labor lawyer can lead an employee’s wrongful termination claim to a success.

Rainier used to work in a publishing company as a writer and eventually became an associate editor. He dealt in writing instructional materials for secondary and tertiary students. His passion in writing inspired him to read a lot and subsequently enabled him to gain more knowledge and skills.